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NY Gov. Paterson Appoints Brad Gerstman to Advisory Council On Interactive Media and Youth Violence

Children's advocate and Partner of GerstmanSchwartz, New York's fastest growing Government Relations Law Firm, appointed to the Council New York, New York; July 16, 2009 Brad Gerstman, pre-eminent government relations attorney, has been named by the Governor to the Advisory Council on Interactive Media and Youth Violence. In this new role, Gerstman will lend his expertise in children's issues from his extensive background in advocacy for special needs children, health of children in undeserved communities, and his activities as an advocate for children against abuse and bullying. The Advisory Council on Interactive Media and Youth Violence was set up under New York State Senate Bill S.5888 in 2007. The Council will review the Entertainment Software Ratings Board rating system and effectiveness and will also recommend additional steps that can be taken to curb children's access and exposure to such "adult-only" material. "I'm honored that I was chosen to be one of nine members of this Council," Gerstman says. "As a father and as a concerned citizen, regulating today's videogames is an integral part in ensuring that we are protecting the well-being of our children. I look forward to assisting this council to the best of my ability." Brad Gerstman, pre-eminent government relations and lobbying professional, is partner at GerstmanSchwartz, NY's fastest-growing Government Relations law firm. His in-depth, practical knowledge of the inner workings of government and politics consistently produces favorable results for leading corporations, institutions, and individuals. Brad combines his success as a businessman and entrepreneur with his legal expertise to give him a unique perspective that is invaluable to his clients. Brad's work has resulted in shaping public policy on a number of key matters, including business advocacy and strategy; land use; special education [...]