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Page Six: Gerstman Defends Model in Mistaken Shoplifting Flap

Italian model and actress Eleonora Pieroni — the girlfriend of luxury suit designer Domenico Vacca — has been arrested for stealing a $400 hat from Saks Fifth Avenue.

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PageSix: De Blasio tops Brad Gerstman’s 2015 political best-dressed list

With celebs, socialites and royals on best-dressed lists from Vanity Fair and others, lobbyist Brad ­Gerstman’s created such a list for local politicians, a group not known for being especially fashionable.

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Legal Analysis: Suing Bat Maker for Line-Drive Injury

Parents sue baseball bat maker after line drive injures son. Are the bat makers responsible or is this litigation taken too far afield?

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NY Post: Muslim waiter sues Waldorf Astoria for firing him

“If we can’t get justice for our client, we intend to take action in the community and protesting, picketing and rallying in front of the hotel,” Kotbi’s new attorney Brad Gerstman said.

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Happy Birthday John Catsimatidis, David Schwartz on Page Six

New York Post Page Six: David Schwartz attends 66th Birthday Party for John Catsimatidis

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Brad Gerstman NY Post OP Ed: The City Council’s plan to promote E. coli

Reusable bags play a significant role in food contamination unless they’re properly washed on a regular basis — something people rarely do.