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Brad Gerstman on Fox: Hillary Clinton Investigations

FBI refuses to answer questions about possible Clinton Foundation probe. Brad Gerstman discusses latest on Fox News Channel.

Brad Gerstman on Fox News Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on ISIS

Brad Gerstman discusses the presidential presumptive nominees' approach to international terrorism on Fox News.

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Brad Gerstman on RNN: Poll: Clinton Opens Up 12-Point Lead on Trump

Brad Gerstman discusses Hillary Clinton's widening lead over Donald Trump in latest polls on RNN's Richard French Live.

Brad Gerstman on Fox: Are Democrats Soft on Terror?

GSMĀ Partner Brad Gerstman on Fox News comments on Wall Street Journal article comparing republicans and democrats approach to international terrorism.

Brad Gerstman on Fox – How will Donald Trump Raise Campaign Funds?

Gerstman Schwartz Malito Partner Brad Gerstman on Donald Trump's uphill battle to raise campaign cash.

Brad Gerstman on WPIX – City Investigates Use of Trump Tower

Gerstman Schwartz Malito partner Brad Gerstman discusses the city's investigation of the Trump Tower atrium, an area supposed to be open to the public, now used for Trump political events.