Brad Gerstman, the lawyer/lobbyist who made waves earlier in the year when he presented his ten best dressed list of New York politicians, has taken notice of the public duel between Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz.

Now Gerstman is weighing in. “I believe that both borough presidents have some good arguments to be made about their sartorial persona,” Gerstman says. “Adams has the classic presentation and Diaz has a more daring ensemble. Each of their approaches to fashion has merit. But, the devil as always, is in the details.”

At first glance this comes across as a superficial and trivial matter, Gerstman says. But underneath the playful back and forth lies a more serious issue. Gerstman feels strongly that this should not be seen as simply frivolous gamesmanship; dressing the part as a public servant sends an important message to young people that the proper presentation is a marker for success, something that educators and employers look to when they evaluate their students and potential employees.

Gerstman underscores that elected officials like Adams and Diaz are important role models for minority youth, contradictory examples to some of the negative images that come out of popular culture. Because of the underlying seriousness of being well-dressed, Gerstman is proposing to speak with political leaders about bringing awareness of proper dress to youngsters in New York City, the fashion capital of the world.

Brad Gerstman is looking to call attention to a larger message that he is hoping will be taken up by all of our city’s leaders. Youth need role models like Adams and Diaz and they need to be encouraged to dress for success.

More details to follow.


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