Dr. Bill Chachkes of The Bleacher Report:

It first came to our attention Friday morning that we weren’t the only ones on Long Island scratching our heads as to why there would be no more College Football played at Hofstra University. I had been on the CAA Media Conference all Thursday afternoon where Tom Yeager had given his statement as “the Commish” of the conference. As nice a man as he Is, It didn’t seem like he was all that broken up about this or felt the need to do too much damage control. He probably didn’t know anything on Saturday the 21st of November, as the Pride were taking It to The Minutemen of U Mass.(Final Score of The Pride’s last game in recorded history-52-38 Hofstra.

You can read the rest of Dr. Bill Chachkes article at The Bleacher Report

You can learn more and get involved at SaveHofstraFootball.Org

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