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From NY1:

A Queens lawmaker is being recognized for his fashion sense. NY1’s Shannan Ferry has the story from Jackson Heights.

Best dressed lists are often reserved for Hollywood celebrities, but State Assemblyman Francisco Moya is also being highlighted for his fashion sense.

“For me it’s just a matter of picking out something that I’m comfortable in and I like the style,” said Moya.

Lobbyist, lawyer, and fashion enthusiast Brad Gerstman puts together a ‘Best Dressed Politicians’ list every year.

He said the goal is to recognize elected officials who put in a little extra effort when it comes to their outfits.

“Politics gets really bad rep, people say politics is Hollywood for the ugly, and so, I said you know, it’s not all that bad,” said Gerstman.

Moya was the only Queens politician to make the cut for 2016. His signature look is a tailored three-piece suit.

“I like to mix it up a little bit, I love the skinny tie,” said Moya.

“Everyone’s walking around looking the same, we look like robots, when a guy like Moya comes in, he just takes it to another level,” said Gerstman.

Moya shares the distinction with some well known political names. Others on the list include Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Queens native, President-elect Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump, I bet you he has more hours clocked in his suit than any human being alive, and he does it with like, such comfort and ease,” said Gerstman.

Gerstman said he limits his lists to men because women’s fashion just isn’t his forte.

Meantime, Moya said he will continue to serve his Queens constituents in style in 2017.

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