Dear Friends:

I applaud all of the attention the world of lobbying and government relations has been receiving in the media. Our Firm is in the business of lobbying for one reason: to be the very best advocates for our clients on a daily basis. Our philosophy is to be as aggressive as possible, whether we make friends or otherwise, because the agenda of our clients is all that matters. We have the greatest clients in the world and we count them as family. Our clients know that when we do succeed for them, it is due to sheer guts, determination, fierce advocacy, creative thinking and whatever else it takes, within the bounds of the law, to succeed. The days of back room deals and hand signals are hopefully over. It is the new world philosophy of being true advocates and acting in furtherance of our Constitutional First Amendment right, to speak passionately about issues, that moves the ball forward in our world of lobbying.

We are a proud lobbying and litigation law firm, boasting four former prosecutors who represented District Attorney’s offices from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau County. With a former judge and a team of exceptional lawyers and advocates, the firm works tirelessly, everyday, to ensure our clients receive the very best representation. Deeply proud of the friendships we have built in government, we have developed an incredible infrastructure borne from the highly skilled level of advocacy we bring to the table on a consistent basis. It is far more imperative that a members of the legislature respect us as advocates. The respect that we have earned has positioned us as the best lobbying firm in New York. False pretenses of friendship are not the future of lobbying your government. The future is the Gotham philosophy; having a volume of relationships that will help create a movement on a particular issue. This extraordinary level of advocacy is coupled with our superior utilization of social media, media advocacy, grass roots education platforms, coalition building, public relations, connective strategies and traditional lobbying. It is with this unique blend of tools and resources that issues are propelled forward.

The moment has arrived to ensure you have representation that you can trust, to get the job done correctly and expeditiously. The correct way is generally the hard way, the long way and sometimes, a painful path. However, it is the right path; true advocacy that will help a business, trade association, not-for-profit, individual or entity reach for the stars in this never ending battle for survival. I am proud to say that the majority of lobbyists, lawyers and government relations advocates are excellent with only a minority of bad apples that tarnish the name of this noble profession.

This should be a time of reflection and re-evaluation. Ask yourself if your organization is going down the “right path” or the “poisonous path” in achieving your goals. If you want the poisonous path, then please ignore this letter, but if you want to go down the “right path,” we are available 24/7 in helping you plot out your long and short term political strategies. Please meet our team by visiting Gotham Government Relations & Communications and Gerstman Schwartz Malito. Let us all embrace this new era together, working with you to ensure the rebirth and growth of this great Empire State!

David Schwartz

Founding Partner

Gotham Government Relations & Communications

Gerstman Schwartz Malito

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