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Soon-to-be U.S. Rep. Zee Zeldin won more than a Congressional seat in 2014.

The Long Island Republican and outgoing state senator was named best-dressed politico in power lawyer Brad Gerstman’s annual list of dapper elected officials.

It is Zeldin’s first time on the list, an honor he earned for his “unique” style which resembles the “precise look of a military officer that he is,” according to Gerstman, who has worked on political campaigns for John Catsimatidis and Eliot Spitzer.

The “polished” State Sen. Jeffrey Klein, whose district includes parts of the Bronx and Westchester County, came in at number two thanks to his “exquisite Brioni suits and understated elegance,” Gerstman wrote.

Last year’s winner, Brooklyn State Sen. Kevin Parker, fell to number three.

The top ten list is strictly a male affair. Gerstman said he would love to see a ladies list, but it won’t come from him.

“That’s dangerous territory to navigate for a guy,” he told the News. “I get enough grief from my wife.”


Full list below:

(1) Sen. Lee Zeldin: The senator has the unique and precise look of a military officer that he is, ready to take his game to the next level where he will certainly elevate the fashion sense of the new Congress. Congressman Zeldin has clearly tailored his game to the new political sensibilities;

(2) Sen. Jeff Klein: Moves up, a few notches this year. This polished pol has the look of a distinctively nonpolitical rat pack star with his exquisite Brioni suits and understated elegance;

(3) Sen. Kevin Parker: Takes on all comers and comes outy high on our list again with his dapper, old school bow-tied look. While a few may quibble with the selection, no one wants to forcefully challenge the feisty senator’s # 1 spot on this fashion hit parade;

(4) Sen. Bill Perkins: This dapper, well tailored old school marathon man, also sporting a distinctive bow tie, dresses with such a youthful look and style that it would be very hard to guess his true age if you didn’t know. His look is so clean and fresh that he could probably run a marathon in one of his suit without breaking a sweat or rumpling his attire;

(5) Sen. Jack Martins- does politics right. He is the quintessential merging of old style fashion with a newer, fresher outlook. His immaculate blue and grey suits epitomize style, good grooming-a conservative look with a modern stylish touch;

(6) Attorney General Eric Schniederman- A picture of Fountain of Youth elegance who stays young with narrow suits and strong ties that go well with his youthful appearance and exuberance;

(7) Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. Adams, a former police captain who challenged Bronx BP Diaz to a fashion duel last year, cops to a distinctive, vested elegance and cutting edge sense of style. In his characteristic Beau Brummel tie, he certainly sets the right tone for the borough of Kings that he represents so well;

(8) Sen. Jose Serrano Jr. The younger Jose Serrano takes after his elegant father in projecting a rakish and stylish ensemble that often includes his dad’s emblematic pocket hankie. Although lacking Dad’s full mustache, the younger Serrano makes up for it with a sole patch, pencil thin mustache, and beard combination that adds to his family’s dashing designer appearance.

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