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Q: What has Four Former Prosecutors, a Former Judge and Never Sleeps?

A: Your Criminal Defense

Gerstman Schwartz& Malito is one of the premier law firms on Long Island. Led by partners Brad Gerstman and David Schwartz-two former prosecutors who understand both sides of the advocacy system-GSM has put together an aggressive team that can provide those accused with the kind of protection needed when the stakes are highest.

With four former prosecutors and a former judge on its legal defense team, GSM provides those accused with over fifty years of legal experience to insure the most aggressive and comprehensive defense possible.

GSM is a multi-service law firm handling all types legal matters including: White collar crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes, Federal crimes, theft, sex crimes and DWI defense. There is virtually no area of the law that sits outside of the experience of at least one member of our legal team.

Dedicated to the zealous defense of the accused, and strong defenders of the Constitutional rights of all Americans, GSM brings a wealth of criminal justice experience to its advocacy of the rights of all of its clients. Anyone who stands accused is in good, capable, and experienced hands to insure that their rights will be vigorously protected. Call us today at (516) 880-8170.

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