Criminal Defense

Gerstman Schwartz & Malito, a trusted name with close ties to the courts and various governmental agencies has developed a specialized practice for dealing with a multitude of criminal legal matters. Drawing from years of experience as government prosecutors, Gerstman Schwartz & Malito offers its clients a unique and experienced perspective to help them navigate and overcome the challenges and obstacles that accompany an effective defense. Experienced in the tactics and strategies employed by prosecutors on the Federal, State and Local levels, Gerstman Schwartz & Malito will diligently and zealously offer you comprehensive representation in a client focused environment.
If you need assistance dealing with a minor infraction or are facing more serious allegations, involving violent crimes, theft, sex crimes,drugs or DWI charges, Gerstman Schwartz & Malito provides you with all-encompassing defense methods to assist you in every phase of the legal process. We will prepare witnesses for all stages of a trial whether its for a grand jury or trial testimony, conduct thorough and exhaustive investigations, obtain necessary documents and records, and gather any and all pertinent evidence as it relates to a case.

Attorney General Investigations & Defense

With their keen insight into the inner workings of New York’s governing agencies, many have called upon Gerstman Schwartz & Malito to assist them when they find themselves under investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office. For years now, Gerstman Schwartz & Malito has navigated the complex channels that comprise the Federal and State legal system with great swiftness and dexterity in an effort to provide their clients with viable defense strategies for dealing with the highest ranking law agency in the state.
Many challenges that surface during the course of such investigations, including subpoenas, surprise visits and search warrants, have been handled by Gerstman Schwartz & Malito in a timely and effective manner, given their deep knowledge and experience in having dealt with the many regulatory agencies for many years now. From extensive trial preparation to appellate court processes Gerstman Schwartz & Malito will be there to help protect and preserve your rights when it matters most.

White-Collar Defense

Gerstman Schwartz & Malito is well versed in the complexities and intricacies surrounding allegations involving Federal and State criminal and regulatory matters. Because the attorneys of Gerstman Schwartz & Malito have enjoyed formidable careers as prosecutors, the firm is thoroughly acquainted with the actions and strategies employed by the various governmental entities involved in such a prosecution.

Our prosecutorial experience has afforded us the ability to deal expeditiously and efficiently with subpoenas, investigations, search warrants and other governmental tactics. With an extensive arsenal of investigative, litigation and appeals skills, our firm has handled clients facing numerous charges involving but not limited to financial and securities fraud, RICO violations, healthcare fraud, wire and mail fraud, environmental crimes, False Claims Act cases, cyber crime, money laundering, bribery and corruption. With an abundance of resources at our disposal, we have been awarded a tremendous amount of acquittals and achieved monumental success for our clients

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