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When you require exceptional representation powered by attorneys who will work tirelessly to advocate for your needs, Gerstman Schwartz can offer you the services and attention necessary to navigate the complexities and intricacies of the legal system. Gerstman Schwartz provides their diverse roster of clients with the skills and experience necessary to litigate a broad range of complex legal matters both in and out of the courtroom. From their time as assistant district attorneys to their years as seasoned and successful private practice attorneys, Gerstman Schwartz comes armed with innovative aggressive strategies and access to a variety of tools and resources to effectively navigate our judicial system. Gerstman Schwartz has achieved great success against some of New York’s (and soon, Washington’s) most formidable opponents. Whether it is a commercial matter or an individual lawsuit, their dedication to their craft has afforded them an abundance of un-paralleled victories in New York courts.

Business Litigation

Your business demands the careful attention and the utmost protection...

Business Litigation

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Civil Law

We are prepared to provide you with the services you need in your pursuit of successful civil litigation…

Criminal Defense Law

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Education Law

Gerstman Schwartz is nationally recognized for their advocacy, services and contributions in the area of Education Law.

Education Law

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business litigation

Business Litigation

Equipped with years of experience, Gerstman Schwartz is ready to help you discover the right solutions for your commercial needs. Whether you are an individual who requires sophisticated counsel or a corporation requiring extensive experience with complex matters, Gerstman Schwartz will develop the appropriate course of action to help you accomplish the goals necessary to make your commercial endeavors a success.

Gerstman Schwartz is able to assist you on a variety of matters, including ownership, purchase and sale of all types of properties, project development and financing, zoning, marketing and management. Gerstman Schwartz regularly devises aggressive and effective strategies for handling complex commercial litigation disputes involving shareholder agreements, joint ventures and many other intricate and complicated issues that arise in this area.

Construction Law

Gerstman Schwartz welcomes clients who require legal assistance within the ever-evolving Construction Industry. With tremendous knowledge, background and experience in this arena, Gerstman Schwartz regularly handles a vast array of matters in this field and is well-versed in the complexities and nuances surrounding the industry. From developers and owners to contractors and day laborers, our firm has represented clients on all levels and is sensitive to the fact that each client and case requires its own special individualized strategy.

Gerstman Schwartz will assist you with a multitude of services including licensing and permits, contract review and drafting, zoning and municipal matters, and tactical planning and preparation in both the private and public sectors. We have successfully prosecuted and defended cases involving labor relations and employment law issues, breach of contract cases, and construction site accidents including Labor Law § 240 cases. Our firm regularly and efficiently deals with government bodies and agencies, including the New York City Department of Buildings, NYC Department of Transportation planning boards and building inspectors.

Gerstman Schwartz fully recognizes that alternative dispute resolutions are often in the best interest of our clients and will often employ them in an effort to avoid prolonged and costly litigation and trials.

civil law


Because Gerstman Schwartz recognizes the inherent complexities found on all levels of government, our firm has proven to be an undaunted advocate for our clients in this formidable arena. Whether issues require resolution on the Federal, State or local level, we provide our clients with the utmost attention to detail required for these legal pursuits.

From complex litigation, advocacy and negotiation to PR campaigns, crisis management and media attention, Gerstman Schwartz is fully equipped to tackle the many challenges arising from regulatory agencies, the Attorney General’s office and other governmental entities.
Our clients hail from a diverse range of industries and Fortune 500 companies and have sought our assistance and guidance for various services including assistance in obtaining discretionary approvals for the purposes of real estate development, energy, and transportation projects, as wells as getting through the review process of local boards and commissions.
Powered by our grassroots resources, Gerstman Schwartz has experienced unprecedented success with engaging the public to help us advance and strengthen our advocacy campaigns for our clients who range from the business sector to non-profit corporations and charities.

Civil Rights

When challenges to civil liberties arise, Gerstman Schwartz will fiercely defend their clients in their pursuit of justice in these trying matters. The firm’s enthusiastic dedication to this cause has resulted in worthy victories that have been closely watched by the media and proudly celebrated by the public.

With the United States Constitution as their blueprint, Gerstman Schwartz will devise an effective strategy and valiantly fight for their clients who simply demand basic human rights on a variety of issues, especially those affected by developmental disabilities. Gerstman Schwartz has represented numerous victims of discrimination whether based on race, gender, sexuality, or other protected classes. Our firm has also represented victims of false arrest and other forms of humanitarian abuses. Armed with advocacy skills, legal prowess and profound empathy, Gerstman Schwartz will not tolerate those who seek to strip away basic human rights to walk away unscathed.

Gerstman Schwartz energetically pursues all avenues to determine the most effective legal course of action to help our clients arrive at satisfying resolutions. At Gerstman Schwartz, we know our clients expect us to deliver results in when it comes to solving their employment law matters and we will fervently work towards achieving their goals.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is fraught with complexity and Gerstman Schwartz recognizes that no two cases are alike. The firm will carefully craft and implement arguments highlighting the strengths and merits of each case. With supporting evidence, documents and any other necessary materials, Gerstman Schwartz will tap into their vast pools of resources and will diligently commit to litigating and resolving those cases satisfactorily.

Gerstman Schwartz is prepared to handle any number of cases including breach of contract cases, medical malpractice suits, anti-trust cases, real estate disputes, workers compensation issues, personal injury suits, landlord/tenant disputes and other various liability issues. Because Gerstman Schwartz is dedicated to their clients and their individual needs, the firm will often seek opportunities to settle disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution so as to spare the client the time and expense of a prolonged trial.

criminal defense

Criminal Defense

Gerstman Schwartz, a trusted name with close ties to the courts and various governmental agencies has developed a specialized practice for dealing with a multitude of criminal legal matters. Drawing from years of experience as government prosecutors, Gerstman Schwartz offers its clients a unique and experienced perspective to help them navigate and overcome the challenges and obstacles that accompany an effective defense. Experienced in the tactics and strategies employed by prosecutors on the Federal, State and Local levels, Gerstman Schwartz will diligently and zealously offer you comprehensive representation in a client focused environment.
If you need assistance dealing with a minor infraction or are facing more serious allegations, involving violent crimes, theft, sex crimes, drugs or DWI charges, Gerstman Schwartz provides you with all-encompassing defense methods to assist you in every phase of the legal process. We will prepare witnesses for all stages of a trial whether its for a grand jury or trial testimony, conduct thorough and exhaustive investigations, obtain necessary documents and records, and gather any and all pertinent evidence as it relates to a case.

Attorney General Investigations & Defense

With their keen insight into the inner workings of New York’s governing agencies, many have called upon Gerstman Schwartz to assist them when they find themselves under investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office. For years now, Gerstman Schwartz has navigated the complex channels that comprise the Federal and State legal system with great swiftness and dexterity in an effort to provide their clients with viable defense strategies for dealing with the highest ranking law agency in the state.
Many challenges that surface during the course of such investigations, including subpoenas, surprise visits and search warrants, have been handled by Gerstman Schwartz in a timely and effective manner, given their deep knowledge and experience in having dealt with the many regulatory agencies for many years now. From extensive trial preparation to appellate court processes Gerstman Schwartz will be there to help protect and preserve your rights when it matters most.

White-Collar Defense

Gerstman Schwartz is well versed in the complexities and intricacies surrounding allegations involving Federal and State criminal and regulatory matters. Because the attorneys of Gerstman Schwartz have enjoyed formidable careers as prosecutors, the firm is thoroughly acquainted with the actions and strategies employed by the various governmental entities involved in such a prosecution.

Our prosecutorial experience has afforded us the ability to deal expeditiously and efficiently with subpoenas, investigations, search warrants and other governmental tactics. With an extensive arsenal of investigative, litigation and appeals skills, our firm has handled clients facing numerous charges involving but not limited to financial and securities fraud, RICO violations, healthcare fraud, wire and mail fraud, environmental crimes, False Claims Act cases, cyber crime, money laundering, bribery and corruption. With an abundance of resources at our disposal, we have been awarded a tremendous amount of acquittals and achieved monumental success for our clients

education law

Education Law

education law new york

erstman Schwartz is the premier New York special education law firm, with expertise in advocating, mediating and litigating on behalf of children with special education needs and their families. Our practice is highly regarded and our lawyers are recognized for their passion and excellence in representing the interests of our clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional, collaborative services and being the firm of choice for parents with special needs children.

Under the direct leadership and supervision of nationally recognized attorney and child advocate, Brad Gerstman, our team of highly qualified attorneys, paralegals, assistants, and special education advocates work together to provide our clients with sensitive and timely counsel, as well as diligent representation in all areas of their child’s educational needs.

We assist parents in all aspects of the evaluation and classification process for their child; the development of a meaningful Individualized Education Plan (IEP); recommendations on a public or private special education school placement, and assist in obtaining funding reimbursement of parental placements; Mediation; Due Process; and, when necessary, litigation in the State and/or Federal Courts.

Gerstman, Schwartz has extensive experience representing children in all of New York, especially in the five boroughs of New York City and the Long Island Region of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We have established working relationships with the NYCDOE, NYSED and School Districts throughout these locales, as well as with private special education schools, evaluators and therapists. The goal of our firm is to help parents secure the best possible education for their child, through excellent representation and a proactive approach to problem solving.

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What our clients say:

“Gerstman Schwartz’ commitment to the special needs community is second to none.”
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