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Hofstra Continues to Lack Respect for Sports Program; Alumni Up in Arms

March 25, 2010; Roslyn, NY

After 16 years with the University, Hofstra Basketball Coach Tom Pecora is leaving his post for neighboring Fordham University. After nine years as head coach at Hofstra, earning a 155-126 recording including four 20-win seasons, Pecora is high-tailing it to Fordham for a reported $700,000 pay increase. This is just the latest in a series of setbacks for Hofstra’s Athletic Program.

Many Hofstra alumni are outraged over this development, and are calling on the administration to account for the lack of consideration and concern so clearly demonstrated.

The Hofstra administration again shows how little emphasis is placed on its sports programs,” said Brad Gerstman, a Hofstra alumnus, former football player and founder of www.savehofstrafootball.org. “After terminating the football program without notice, the administration has permitted their outstanding basketball coach to go to neighboring Fordham University, simply because of money.”

To many former Hofstra athletic alumni, it seems clear that President Rabinowitz is driving the athletic program into the ground in order to pursue other projects, namely to utilize the savings for an unproven and un-built medical school. Many feel as though the Board of Trustees stood by as mere witnesses to this terrible plan.

“Having spoken to students, athletes, and alumni of Hofstra, there is little faith left in this administration, and all athletic programs feel like they too can be terminated,” Gerstman said. “Recruits in all sports do not feel comfortable coming to Hofstra since the administration has created an unsettled environment for all the athletic programs.

“The Hofstra administration and Trustees should be ashamed for damaging the potential careers of current and future students, and for ostensibly setting the University back decades by damaging the campus environment and thus returning it to the days as a commuter school.”

Fordham will hold a press conference at 1pm today to announce Pecora’s hire. For more information, please visit www.savehofstrafootball.org

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