Do New York Businesses Need Any More Hardship?

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Okay – That’s a simple answer. No.

Take a look at what business owners told Newsday  about how New York’s proposed tobacco tax increase will destroy small businesses in our state:

“We are fighting for our businesses and our lives,” said James Mantione, who owns Jim’s Smoke Shop in Patchogue and Mount Sinai with his wife, Teresa. “We want to pay our taxes, but at a 90 percent tax rate, who would buy anything I have to sell?”

“If the state makes the mistake of raising the . . . rate to 90 percent, I can’t see more than a handful in the entire state being able to hang on,” said George Brightman, managing partner of J Barbera Tobacconist in Garden City.

You can read the rest of this story at Newsday

Will your small business be affected by the tax hike?

Do you have an opinion about New York’s new Tobacco Tax? We’d like to hear it. Leave a comment below.

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