civil law


Because Gerstman Schwartz recognizes the inherent complexities found on all levels of government, our firm has proven to be an undaunted advocate for our clients in this formidable arena. Whether issues require resolution on the Federal, State or local level, we provide our clients with the utmost attention to detail required for these legal pursuits.

From complex litigation, advocacy and negotiation to PR campaigns, crisis management and media attention, Gerstman Schwartz is fully equipped to tackle the many challenges arising from regulatory agencies, the Attorney General’s office and other governmental entities.
Our clients hail from a diverse range of industries and Fortune 500 companies and have sought our assistance and guidance for various services including assistance in obtaining discretionary approvals for the purposes of real estate development, energy, and transportation projects, as wells as getting through the review process of local boards and commissions.
Powered by our grassroots resources, Gerstman Schwartz has experienced unprecedented success with engaging the public to help us advance and strengthen our advocacy campaigns for our clients who range from the business sector to non-profit corporations and charities.

Civil Rights

When challenges to civil liberties arise, Gerstman Schwartz will fiercely defend their clients in their pursuit of justice in these trying matters. The firm’s enthusiastic dedication to this cause has resulted in worthy victories that have been closely watched by the media and proudly celebrated by the public.

With the United States Constitution as their blueprint, Gerstman Schwartz will devise an effective strategy and valiantly fight for their clients who simply demand basic human rights on a variety of issues, especially those affected by developmental disabilities. Gerstman Schwartz has represented numerous victims of discrimination whether based on race, gender, sexuality, or other protected classes. Our firm has also represented victims of false arrest and other forms of humanitarian abuses. Armed with advocacy skills, legal prowess and profound empathy, Gerstman Schwartz will not tolerate those who seek to strip away basic human rights to walk away unscathed.

Gerstman Schwartz energetically pursues all avenues to determine the most effective legal course of action to help our clients arrive at satisfying resolutions. At Gerstman Schwartz, we know our clients expect us to deliver results in when it comes to solving their employment law matters and we will fervently work towards achieving their goals.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is fraught with complexity and Gerstman Schwartz recognizes that no two cases are alike. The firm will carefully craft and implement arguments highlighting the strengths and merits of each case. With supporting evidence, documents and any other necessary materials, Gerstman Schwartz will tap into their vast pools of resources and will diligently commit to litigating and resolving those cases satisfactorily.

Gerstman Schwartz is prepared to handle any number of cases including breach of contract cases, medical malpractice suits, anti-trust cases, real estate disputes, workers compensation issues, personal injury suits, landlord/tenant disputes and other various liability issues. Because Gerstman Schwartz is dedicated to their clients and their individual needs, the firm will often seek opportunities to settle disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution so as to spare the client the time and expense of a prolonged trial.

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