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Regulating Food Vendors in New York City. David Schwartz in The New York Times.

Re “New York’s Moveable Feast Might Grow Even Larger” (news article, Oct. 11). David Schwartz in The New York Times.

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VIDEO: GSM Files Federal Lawsuit to Protect Special Needs Kids

For years, a trio of sadistic teachers at Long Beach Middle School subjected the special education children in their care to a litany of inhumane abuses. Fueled by drugs, anger, and the knowledge that the children would never reveal what they had experienced, special education teacher Lisa Weitzman, and her two teaching assistants, Lauren Schneider and Jean-Marie Lilley operated what witnesses eerily described as a “torture room.”

Page Six: Gerstman Defends Model in Mistaken Shoplifting Flap

Italian model and actress Eleonora Pieroni — the girlfriend of luxury suit designer Domenico Vacca — has been arrested for stealing a $400 hat from Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Victory! Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens Thanks NYC Speaker, City Council for Securing Program Funds

Through tremendous effort and outreach, the New York City Council comes thru with much-needed funds....