Brad Gerstman Stands with Bloomberg in Restoration of Anti-Terror Funding

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Thanks Obama and Homeland Security for getting it right.

Brad Gerstman, co-founder of Gotham Government Relations, outspoken critic of the politicization of anti-terror security funding and widely recognized legislative expert stated “I stand with Mayor Mike Bloomberg in thanking the Obama Administration and Home Land security for finally allocating funds based on actual risk poised as opposed to rank politics.

I have spoken out about my firm belief that New York City and its suburbs are at a higher risk for a terrorist attack and that any cuts to security spending will further increase the likelihood of a successful terrorist attack here in New York.

Today I am very extremely pleased that the Department of Homeland Security announced the metropolitan area still will get $151.5 million — the same amount as last year. This money pays for critically important equipment, training and planning to combat terror attacks and is vital to our safety. As a former Assistant District Attorney who has worked closely with the Police Department to keep our streets safe believe me, allocating anti-funding based on an actual risk assessment as opposed to pork-barrel decision making or partisan considerations is the right thing to do. And it is not just good for New York, it is good for our national security.

While I don’t always agree with New York City’s fiercely independent Republican Mayor I think Mayor Bloomberg was right to applauded Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for finally giving New York the priority treatment it deserves. Mayor Bloomberg stated “With resources scarce, it’s even more important to stop thinly spreading the money around the country without taking risk into account,” and he has got that exactly right.

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