Roslyn, NY May 18, 2011

Brad Gerstman, a lawyer, co-founder of Gotham Government Relations, radio talk show host, potential political candidate and head of Gerstman for the People is sad to announce that the Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, are playing politics with the safety of the citizens of the New York Metropolitan area. The Republicans are seeking cuts to security spending all in an attempt to find additional spending cuts.

“I believe that if the proposed cuts in security funding by the Republican controlled House of Representatives were to be enacted it would cause the New York Metropolitan area to have to cut back on security measures, this would have a negative impact on all New Yorkers because New York is seen as the face of America to the world and candidly because of our large vibrant Jewish population and our many cultural and religious institutions and centers including our synagogues.

Just last week on May 11, 2011, the New York City Police Department stopped an attempted plot to launch terrorist attacks on synagogues throughout New York City. New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly last week while discussing one of the men involved in the terrorist plot said that the man “was motivated to a great extent by a pathological hatred of the Jewish people.”

It is clear to me that since New York City and its suburbs have the greatest density of those practicing the Jewish faith outside of Israel, this area is and will continue to be at high risk of a terrorist attack. Any cuts to security spending will further increase the likelihood of a successful terrorist attack here in New York.

I think it is more than appropriate to remind all the Republicans in the House of Representatives not to play politics with the safety of New Yorkers. I would think that Congressman Eric Cantor, who holds an important leadership position in the Republican controlled House, would fully appreciate that those of Jewish descent are too often the target of terrorist attacks and that as such this is not a subject for bean counting or partisan gamesmanship. Ultimately Republicans must remember that “just because Osama Bin Laden has been killed, it doesn’t mean terrorism will cease to exist.”

Source: Brad Gerstman of Gerstman for the People

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