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From New York Daily News:

Brad Gerstman, the Long Island political consultant and lobbyist who plunged $500,000 of his own into exploring a run for elected office, is disbanding his exploratory committee, The Daily Politics has learned.

I reported back in April that Gerstman — who never actually announced what office he would seek — had dumped $300K into his committee with plans to hike that up to $500K and spend as much as $1 million on an actual run.

Now, that’s all on hold. In short, Gerstman says there just wasn’t an obvious match between him and the offices at hand. He’d previously said he could run for an office as national as Congress or as local as councilman.

“Due to redistricting, my committee determined that there were not any compelling opportunities for me to run for office at this time,” he said. “More importantly, the growth and expansion of my firm, Gotham Government Relations & Communications, is exciting and I am completely focused on serving our clients at this point.”

As for the cash, said the former Bronx ADA, “I’ll be taking that money and putting it aside for the potential backing of future candidates around the state and county,” he said. “I’m also not ruling out using that, and more, money for a possible future run, if there’s an opportunity I feel would be a compelling match.”

So I guess we’ll just stay tuned…

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